General Faceting

Starting Point Of Gem Faceting

Recommended Equipment’s for gem cutting

Before start gem cutting you will need to buy some equipment’s. Following equipment’s generally used in gem cutting industry, so sooner or later you will end up buying most of the things. Here I will mark the ones you really need.

List of the Laps and equipment

  • 100 grit steel lap (extra Coarse)
  • 260 grit steel lap (course)
  • 600 grit steel lap (medium)
  • 1200 grit steel lap (fine)
  • Tin Lap
  • Zinc Lap
  • 0 -4 Micron Diamond Powder Bottle for pre polish
  • 0-1/2 Micron Diamond Powder Bottle for final polish
  • Dop Wax
  • Alcohol Lamp or a gas torch
  • Slide lock twizer
  • 80 Index Gear
  • 96 Index Gear
  • Peer 10x Loupe
  • Dial Caliper
  • Dop Sticks
  • Faceting Machine

More than likely once you have start gem cutting you will want extra dops and some specialty dops (Flat, Cone and V type).Most gem cutting machines come with at least basic set of dops that will be fine while you are learning. I do recommended a basic set of Emerald dops for cutting rectangles. Also cone type dops are very impotent for cut most of the designs. So I recommend to have both types at the beginning.

I recommend to start basic cutting using Quartz materials reason for that you can afford and easy to find in the markets. Once you get better you can move in to good expensive materials.

There is plenty of cutting and polish laps available in the market. What I have listed in below what I use and what works for me.Start with these basics and once you learn you can experiment and try other laps.

Batt Laps: Batt lap charged with either diamond or aluminum oxide polishes a variety of gem materials, including quartz, beryl, tourmaline, topaz, cubic zirconia, and corundum.

Crystallite Laps: One of the oldest and most famous lap manufacturers in the world. They have it everything in their product line. But I do recommend to buy Steel Laps.


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