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Purchasing a faceting machine is a big decision and many people find the process very confusing. It is a sizable investment and you want to spend your money wisely.  Below are a few things to consider when choosing a faceting machine:

As new faceting machines are quite expensive, a well-looked after second hand faceting machine may make it easier to get started in the hobby.  Used faceting machines of good quality brands usually hold their value very well so as long as you choose carefully, this can be a good start for many people.Most modern faceting machines will be of the mast type where the faceting head is attached to a mast – the principals of faceting with one of these machines is similar regardless of brand and most literature will be aimed at users of these types of machines.These machines are bit expensive than platform machines and much more accurate.

Platform machines use a separate hand piece which rests on a horizontal platform.  Well-known brands of these types are Imahashi and Ray tech-Shaw.  These are a little different and not quite as easy to use but in the hands of a master cutter can turn out spectacular gems.Also cheaper in price.

When choosing a machine, check very carefully on how well the factory supports the machine, warranty (terms, conditions, exclusions, etc). Here I was put some branded faceting machines with there features go through and compare each other chose what fit for you.


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