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Gem Cutting Process Step – 01

As I said gem cutting is an art. Unfortunately much of gem source countries wasn’t understand this fact Most of the source countries deciding factor of their gem stone pricing is the weight. “weight of the gem stone“.But the real truth is “Beauty of the gem stone”.As a result source countries unable to capture real market price for their products.

So my effort is in this article series educate people about faceting process and giving knowledge how to choose perfect gem stones for their jewelry articles.

This is my first article. About faceting process article series, hope you will understand and enjoy reading these article series and you will gain more knowledge about precision gem cutting. Also in later articles I will discuss following steps much more deeply.

How to Choose A Perfect Gem Stone For precision Gem Cutting

First Step:  Sort out Gems 

If you bought Ex: A lot ( A parcel ) or individual stone need to consider two main properties of the stone which are size of the stone and shape of the stone.

01) Size blog gem cutting process step 01 02Size is the most important factor when you choosing a rough stone.When you went in the gem market place you can see loots of flat gem stones.

(Do Not Buy)

something like this long length short width and less height.This rough stone is purely waste not worth for buying.Because this stone have high percentage of wastage end of the day you will get very small finished stone.   (Perfect  Propotion) blog gem cutting process step 01 03

So then whats the best? When I am purchasing rough stone I follow one formula which is rough stone height Always need to be equal to the stone width so Ex: If rough Stone is 8 mm (length) 6 mm (width) in this case height need to be 6 mm. If less do not purchase.So it means Always stone width value and height value need to be equal.

02) Shape

Basically Gem cutting industry has ten standard shapes which are blog gem cutting process step 01 01

also it have odd shapes too.According to that you may need to purchase closes to above shapes or according to cutting diagram odd shapes. It will helps to reduce wastage of your final finish stone.






Further when you purchasing rough stone need to examine inclusions

Second Step: Examine Inclusions blog Gem cutting process step 01 03

When you receive gem stone from the mining place or the gem dealer before take the purchasing decision need to examine inclusions,dirt’s,flows and cracks using 10X lens.Then mark those using permanent marker.Then you have an clear picture what you can do with this stone.So next step deciding which part of the stone you can use for crown (top) and pavilion (bottom) of the final stone. Basically most of the faceting design tops are lower than the bottom parts except some of the fancy designs.

After follow these steps now you  have a good stone for precision cutting.







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